Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's Your Schtick Lit

This on Elegant Variation--new genres to branch out into.

Some of my favorites include

Schtick Lit - Footnotes, characters named for colors, and other look-at-me machinations. (See Special Topics in Calamity Physics and, again, Infinite Jest.)

Mick Lit - The literature of Ireland. (See Banville, John and Ruland, Jim.)

Let's think of our own ;)

How about

Flick Lit--for people obsessed with movies (The Star Machine or Choking on Marlon Brando)

Private Dick Lit--novels about detectives (as opposed to mystery novels) (Yiddish Policemen's Union)

Bic Lit--books that were (or that might have been) scribbled by hand in emo cafes (The Bell Jar, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)


Brian said...

My favorite from EV was in the comments section:

[sic] Lit - The literature of intentional misspellings, missing punctuation, and broken-down grammar (See Only Revolutions, Blood Meridian).

Ello said...

How about Shit Lit - no definition needed.

moonrat said...

that's awesome, brian. thanks.

ello, there you go dragging those potty-seeking google surfers here!!!

in funny google news, i am the #1 hit under "my mother has a condition"

Jaye Wells said...

Crypt Lit is what I call my own books--a mix of dark humor and things that go bump in the night.

As for a new one?

Clit Lit: Novels that are hard for men to find or understand.

Kelsey said...

I'm always amazed at some of the genres that people try to give life to at writer's conferences. There's always at least one poor soul walking around with an 858-page space/time travel romance fantasy novel they describe as “like Harry Potter, but with more sex and no wizards, and…you know…in space.”

How about we call this Schizo Lit or perhaps Frankenstein Lit

Anonymous said...

Early YA--Zit Lit

Books with small excerpts or chapters, that make for great bathroom reading: Sit Lit

Mormon Stories with the flavor of "The Big Love": Mit Lit

Mafia books: Hit Lit

Vampire Books: Bit Lit

OK, stop me. I think I could do this all day....

pjd said...

Mantasy: magical hunky firefighters

Plantasy: Business books that make management look like it's as easy as waving a magic wand

Cantasy: Stories of sentient inanimate objects

LANtasy: Stories of the digitization of humans (Tron, The Matrix)

Brantasy: organic cookbooks

angelle said...

jaye's "clit lit" will def bring in the porn surfers now. that also had me guffawing.

i wish i could think of something witty. alas, wit is not one of my strong suits.

Precie said...

angelle--pssst...WIT in high-brow, dry humor.

pacatrue said...

That's good timing, angelle, because my only idea was "Wit Lit" - no plot, story, or consistent characters needed, as long as it's oh so witty. (Alice in Wonderland perhaps)

pacatrue said...

precie! Curse you! You weren't there when I started typing!

The Anti-Wife said...

How about HickLit - This would describe stories about most of my relatives.

booklady said...

I'll play!

Ick lit--Books that go into way too much detail in graphic scenes and/or sex scenes.

Lick lit--Books in which cooking plays a large role. Usually includes copious recipes.

Quick lit--Short story collections.

Sick lit--Medical drama. General Hospital in novel format.

This is fun. I'm probably going to be playing this game in my head all evening.

Kaytie M. Lee said...

Eclec-lit - books that take a random assortment of things and create a story out of them (see Tom Robbins, also of Cantasy fame)

Santasy - stories about Santa Claus (see the seasonal section in December)

Pissed lit - stories about drunk or high Brits (see Trainspotting...that was a book, right?)

moonrat said...

oh my god. you guys have made my day. we had a bunch of long horrible meetings and every time i came back to my desk there were new funny things here.

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

add to flicklit: "Zeroville"

angelle said...

mclit: beach reads supersized until they are no longer good writing, but 600 pages of melodrama, sugary writing and exaggerated dialogue. warning: sitting around reading this may make you fat.

Ello said...


Bernita said...

Or SickLit - really, really gross stories. Also known as SlitLit.

DitzLit - never mind, we already have that.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Fit Lit - for those obsessed with the gym - and goodness knows, there's enough material floating around your average gym for an entire library of books!

Tory said...

How about:

Skiplit ~ books about the the new olympic discipline, Hopscotch.

Driplit ~ books on how to handle incontinence.

Liplit ~ the dark side of collogen

Riclit ~ books by people named Rick.

Griplit ~ books you can't put down, literally, because your four year old spilled pudding on it.

Tricklit ~ How to train your dog.

I could go on forever!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I said I would stop, but....

Books you buy at the airport: Trip Lit

What PBS turns into Masterpiece theater: Brit Lit

Religious romance novels where they only do a lotta kissin': Spit Lit

Any short fiction in Playboy: Tit Lit

Precie said...

Uh...Brit Lit is already an actual "thing." As in, I took several Brit Lit courses in college. :)

Prick Lit--Do I really need to define that?

Skit Lit--Uses theater (from community to Broadway) as the backdrop

Split Lit--divorce fiction

Brick Lit--The opposite of Quick Lit--MASSIVE tomes (i.e., The Historian)

Charles Gramlich said...

Kvetch lit. For those who like to gripe and need an audience.
I like Ello's too.

ChristineEldin said...

You guys took all the good ones!!!!
Only one I can think of:
Clit lit: Erotica for women

ChristineEldin said...

Damn!!! Never mind--Jaye said that one!
Okay, I give up...
But these are hysterical!!!

Froog said...

I come somewhat late to this party. Most of the really good ones have been done already.

Not sure if this is recognised in American English, but..... in the UK there'd be a definite niche for Git Lit: the sour ruminations of embittered old men.

Is there already a Vit Lit on dietary supplements? Probably.

And perhaps Slit Lit for the literature of suicide.