Friday, February 01, 2008

sonnet by Merry

Another awesome one... Thanks, Merry.

Ode To Moonrat

Moonrat's a blogger that propels my muse
Though non-writers will think me quite perverse
For that sparkly tee shirt that I can use
And bloggy glory makes me pen this verse.

Manuscript of Doom made her spit and swear
But her work day lightened with Robert's gems
From her time as ASS readers grew to care
Search engine phrasing made us need 'Depends'.

No tolerance for booze that is her blight
She'll munch some drunky crispies just for flair
But wading through those prose she has the sight
Commitment to her scribe beyond compare.

First an Ass now Ed, Momrat's pride doth swell
Anonymous and yet we know her well.


Charles Gramlich said...

LOL. Good un.

Adaora A. said...

"She'll munch some drunky crispies just for flair"

Love it.

So where is this sourpatch kids bfast you promised me on the 31st hun? Give up!

Thanks for posting @ my blog, stay a while.