Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rose sent me a clipping from THE WEEK magazine

called "Garfunkel's book fetish"

Book geeks, rejoice! We have among us a pop icon:

"Art Garfunkel is a compulsive reader, says Nick Paumgarten in The New Yorker. Since June 1968, Garfunkel has read a grand total of 1,023 of the greatest works of literature. He knows this because he has compulsively been keeping track--chronologically listing each title, first on sheets of loose-leaf paper and then, beginning several years ago, on his Web site. Averaging more than two books a month over the past 40 years, Garfunkel has tackled an eclectic cross section of novels, poetry, and philosophy."


ChristineEldin said...

Ahhh...this is a good day for you.

Demon Hunter said...

This is too cool. Thanks for sharing, Moon! :*)

writtenwyrdd said...
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writtenwyrdd said...

Only 2 a month? An amateur!

Moonrat, I have a dumb non-native New Yorker question: How do you refer to Greenwich Village? Is it just "the Village"?

Shameless said...

Keeping a list? That's like train spotting, isn't it? :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

We had a talk about this at our writing group not long ago. I've been keeping records for many years myself, of what I've read, although not of the specific dates I've read them.

moonrat said...

WW--sorry I'm just responding now.

technically, "Greenwich Village" is the West Village (those two terms are interchangeable). the East Village and the West (or Greenwich) Village together are "the Village."

all this said, i've found that when people say they're going to "the Village" they usually mean the West Village, and that they'll specify "East Village" if they're going there. other new yorkers--true?

to further complicate, the area now called the East Village used to be part of the Lower East Side. sigh. that's a whole other story and i can't take it on right now. it's an interesting one, though. maybe we can have a week dedicated to interesting New York neighborhoods.