Tuesday, February 12, 2008

power failure

We've had electric problems in our building all week so I'm having a diminished web presence problem. Sorry, folks.

However, I leave you with this sonnet from Dave P, who gets special points because he wrote it for fun long after the contest was over. Thanks, Dave!

Sonnet by Dave P

I like you, I really, really like you!
I usually disregard the 'osphere
But for something that catches the eye
and offers something funny, often wry,
and with the indefinable hint
that "this will be of use to me"
when I'm a writer, all grown up,
as the works of Snark and her little pup.

From the mud wherein I live
it's a thrill to see a spark
of intellect, fire, and spirit
making a bold mark
and even illuminating NYC
with letters light on background dark.

1 comment:

Froog said...

Ah, you're back! I was getting concerned you were suffering with that cold again.

This is absolutely not a 'tag' - 'cos I don't believe in them, and I appreciate that you're almost certainly too busy - but there's one of these "blog meme" things going the rounds (you may have seen it already) that calls for a three-sentence extract from the middle of whatver book you're currently reading or have most readily to hand. I tried it today, in a spirit of experimentation, with all the books on my desk (about 8 or 10), and produced some pretty interesting results - listed in today's post on my blog.

I thought you might find it an interesting exercise; and perhaps even you might want to share - in a completely non-taggy kind of way - with your book-obsessed blog circle here.

Glad to see the poetic tributes are still flowing in.

I hardly like to ask about the status of the T-shirt project. You're probably still waiting to hear back from the designer, right?