Thursday, February 07, 2008

planning ahead=totally underrated

YT had approximately 9 contracts whose delivery dates landed between December 15th, 2007 and January 15th, 2008.

YT apparently also had 9 extremely diligent writers, not a one of whom slacked off and missed their delivery date.

YT now has 7 (that's all but the two I've gotten to) well-meaningly anxious authors knocking politely at her door, window, phone, and email accounts, looking for affirmation that I haven't decided to drop their projects. It's kind of amazing how so many good writers worry about the quality of their stuff so much.

I really feel for all my authors--I really do!! I would hate to send a baby off and then have to wait more than 5 weeks for a thoughtful response. Poor things. I feel bad.

Woe is YT, who should have planned better when she was drafting the contracts. Woe, woe.


Brian said...

I think it was Confucious, or perhaps the sagacious Sun Tzu, who said it best:


No, wait, it was Nelson Muntz. Sorry 'bout that.


All I ask is that you have pity on your publicists and don't schedule all the high maintenance authors for release in the same month. It burns us, it does. It burns us.

cyn said...
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cyn said...

well, what a celebration it'll be when they are all launched triumphantly out to the world. =D good luck, MR!