Friday, February 08, 2008

only a couple of months left in office!! Bush better do a much damage as he can, quick!

Our beloved and fearless leader proposes to slash literacy funding to nations underpriveleged and at-risk youth to the tune of 16 million books a year.

Galleycat points out that Mrs. Bush is a former librarian.


pjd said...

No child left behind, indeed.

Actually, it's a good political move. If people don't read, they don't learn. If they don't learn, they grow incapable of questioning the "deciders." And then the Deciders can make up whatever they hell they want about poverty, science, the economy, or basically anything else.

With announcements like this, now is a good time for those of us fortunate enough to be gainfully employed, well educated, and not in danger of losing our homes, to review our philanthropy. The need in our society has only grown since Bush took office (not entirely his fault what with wild fires, tsunamis, hurricanes, levee breaks, floods, etc.). We may also be going to go into a low tax revenue period as the economy weakens and tax cuts and the war in Iraq further burden our government.

Anyone fortunate enough to be able to help--either with dollars or with a donation of time and skills--should make 2008 the year they step up their personal action... and not just in political volunteering.

I haven't heard much of RIF since I was little and saw the ads on Saturday mornings between Bullwinkle cartoons. A similar program called Raising a Reader is very cool.

booklady said...

That just burns me. He's also freezing funding for school libraries (despite what his wife must have told him about how important school librarians are in helping with literacy and just plain getting books into children's hands). And he's slashing funds for domestic violence programs, which may not have a lot to do with reading but are still critical.

cyn said...

who cares about domestic violence when we can concentrate on foreign violence? i'm being sarcastic, of course.

i'm not sure why the fact that education / children / learning equates dircectly to our country's future is so difficult to understand.

writtenwyrdd said...

I've got to agree with pjd on this one. I've thought all my adult life that the powers that be are trying to instill an ingnorant populace of economic serfs. Bread and Circuses, or rather Satellite TV and microwave snacks, people!

Charles Gramlich said...

Well now, kids just read too much. We've got to get them back to some mindless activities. We don't want them to strain their developing brains or anything.

ChristineEldin said...

I agree with you, PJD.
God I don't mean this to sound hoighty toighty. I really don't. But since we split our time between Dubai and Baltimore (or BBC and CNN) we can see such a tragic differenc.
BBC talks of real news. CNN has become filler/pseudo entertainment. DH and I have often wondered if this was by some kind of design. If the American public is basically running around afraid of terrorism and all other news is pulled off the air, then what do you think will happen?

The amount of control the White House wields over the media is catastrophic. I'm going to do a post tomorrow on Studs Terkel. (yes, I saw an interview with him on the BBC last week). He's nearly a hundred, has a pulitzer to his name, and has always been a bit 'radical.' But he calls Bush the worst U.S. president in history. Bar none.

Sorry for the rant.

This just burns me too.

ChristineEldin said...

I have to get rid of that avatar when I'm being seriuos.

Demon Hunter said...

This is no surprise to me. This guy has been an idiot ever since he was first "elected" into the White House. Re-count anyone? This is being done to ensure a hierachy. God forbid if everyone was intelligent! Then who'd be poor?

Anonymous said...

just because Mrs. Bush was a librarian doesn't mean she reads.