Monday, February 04, 2008

Moonrat Complains about Capitalism

I've just learned from my inventory supervisor that Barnes & Noble is closing their 6th Avenue & 21st Street (Chelsea) store (and this just after the death of my favorite store at Astor Place, a really beautiful wood-floored cozy BNN that was one of my deciding factors in moving to New York). Why?! I protested. It's a great store, great stock, great layout, and they must make pretty comfortable profit. Also, we all know BNN had a good year last year--it's not like they're in need of downsizing their company.

It's the rent, he guessed. Have you noticed that Manhattan real estate owners seem to prefer to kick out their tenants and keep their buildings empty for a long time, even years, in the hopes that they'll be able to lock in their higher rents?

It's true--Manhattan is turning into a wasteland of luxury apartments, box banks that close at 5 pm, and empty buildings that no one can afford to rent. I HATE it. I've watched it change with shock and horror (and I've only been here 7 years--I can only imagine how horrified REAL New Yorkers are).

But seriously--what can you replace a bookstore with? WHAT?


cyn said...

the bn on astor closed?! =(
that's awful. i really liked
that cosy bookstore, too.

Shameless said...

That's really sad. I can't imagine a high street without lots of cosy bookshops! :-)

pjd said...

I think it's not capitalism that irks you so much as blind greed. Capitalism (the system) is actually pretty good and fits in well with the laissez-faire belief system of our country.

Two lovely independent bookstores closed recently in my town (far, far away from NY), and it's a sad thing. I don't know if it was economics or greed, whether it was driven by lack of sales or landlord's requirements. But it's still sad.

Alex P said...

I don't have enough nice book shops near me either. Which is a good job for my bank balance.

Jennifer L. Griffith said...

I live in a small town with a wonderful independent bookstore. When you think of cozy with well-informed owner and employees who welcome you and really want to meet your needs...this is the store.

I fear that the GREED that is moving into this "paradise" will bring in the Big Gun chains and shut down the "mom and pops" that make this county what it is...quaint, friendly with a sense of community rarely found in today's America. (Walmart is 70 miles away and we like it that way)

Sigh...I feel your pain, Moon!

Oh, and GO GIANTS!! and Eli!!! Woohoo for the Louisiana boy and his underdog team!