Tuesday, January 22, 2008

why it's so very important you roll out the big guns with your first book

Please read this post by Gawker. It talks about something I know I always harp on--doing everything you possibly can for your book post-pub, because if your book doesn't do as well as you hope, no one will want to work with you again--but it seems like they've actually put research into it or something.

If you're an author, do put together a marketing plan for yourself. If you're unlucky, you'll end up with a publishing company that lets you sink or swim on their midlist. That's why you need to have outreach, fanbase, and tons and tons of energy. Just another reminder.

For anyone reading this, you're probably 10 steps ahead because you have a blog. Good for you. If anyone has had positive experiences with authors who did good self-publicity that they want to share here for inspiration, please do. I just can't emphasize this magical teamwork enough.


D. Robert Pease said...

My main question is just how much self promotion can you do before you get published the first time. I am nearly finished on my first novel. I've begun a blog, I post on other fine blogs (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), but I'm just not sure there is much more I can do until I actually have an agent, have a publisher, and something is actually going to happen.

Do you have any other tips, or is that about as far as I can go right now?

Colorado Writer said...

I love self-promotion stuff.

Linda Urban (author of A Crooked Kind of Perfect) had a book giveaway promo. You had to take a picture of your feet in socks. Of course I am not a foot person.

Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely) is GREAT at self promo! Her book sells itself.

Jay Asher is totally in touch with his peeps through his Disco Mermaids blog.

Speaking of peeps, Lisa Yee blows them up in her microwave and posts the pics to prove it.

Of course these are all kidlit people. Couldn't tell you what the adults do.

booklady said...

Know what I just did? Checked out all the author sites that Colorado Writer mentioned. Which means that their gimmicks at least got me to their sites.

One thing a lot of authors do is "tour" on other authors' blogs. That helps them get a larger audience. I've offered a few debut authors interviews on my blogs in the hopes that when my time comes they'll reciprocate.

Church Lady said...

I love Lisa Yee's attitude! She's great at publicity! (Her book was on the Oprah show a short while back)

One thing that I recommend (although I'm guilty of not doing this lately) is posting/interacting on professional writer forums (such as Absolute Write and other forums specific to your genre. If you write literary, then don't stoop to the genre boards. You'll be forever tainted)

moonrat said...

thanks for the points, CW, BL, CL.

DRP--this is actually the MOST crucial stage for you to be setting up your own publicity movement. not only will it set a good groundwork for all the things you'll do later, it will help you secure the agent and the editor.

of course, i think having made a blog and made yourself a blog presence is the best first step to take (i reall do--think how warmly we all regard our cyberfriends).

i think this probably takes a whole post, which i'll make next week. in the meantime, anyone else who's seen cool author promotion gimicks, let me know.

cyn said...

thanks for the great links, MR. it is rather daunting, tho. i've called it the too many ozzes effect. too many little men hiding behind curtains saying you can or cannot when it comes to getting your book published, then sold!

what is the best way to use our 5k advance for publicity? haha!

Precie said...

I've heard JA Konrath is good at self-promotion as well...And Jamie Ford, whose Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet won't be released until 2009 has already established a respectable web presence with his blog.

I suppose a critical part of the whole blogging/writing forum/networking thing, though, is to make those interactions valuable in themselves...so that your focus is on building relationships and sharing information, rather than on promoting yourself. I guess.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Aha, so this is why I spent about 15 years being a marketing manager, so I'd know how to promote myself when I became and author. Funny how all the things we accumulate in life start to come together. And some people ask me why I blog, use social networking sites...