Wednesday, January 09, 2008

why I love my job #6987650 and #6987651

Brushes with celebrities!!

Today, I have a phone date with one of my lifelong heroes. I am going to be begging her for a blurb for one of my books. I fully expect her to say no, she is too busy, and possibly to tell me where I can stick it for bothering her at such a busy time, which I would totally deserve for my gumption (this would be out of character for her but I'm preparing myself just in case). But I will get to talk to her on the phone!! Which would just make my life complete. Keep your fingers crossed.

I also have an afternoon meeting with one of my authors. I think I told this story before, but I can't find it at the moment, so I'm going to retell it, because it's so cool. The reason I'm even working on her book is because I read her first book, which I Loved with a capital L. I thumbed through the back matter, found the acknowledgments section, called up her agent, and said, "That book was cool. I wanted to introduce myself and see what other cool stuff you have." And the agent said, "How about her next book?" That's how that happened.

So I do think this is the "glamour" aspect of being an editor, the one that every Ass quietly dreams of as she slaves away for minimum wage for untold years.

Now maybe I can get Michael Chabon's agent on the phone. (Just kidding.)

More specifically, I have to say I love working for Robert the Publisher, who is a) generally very supportive of projects I fall in love with, and b) an incurable social butterfly with friends [literally] everywhere.

But speaking of being a slave, these are the OTHER things I have to do today:

1) finish editing a 300 page manuscript (I'm 140 pages in, and it's a light edit)
2) write up ed memo for that author
3) create 3 more pieces of catalog copy (the easy ones, alas, I already did... these are clearly going to have to be pulled from, um, posterior nether regions, as they say)
4) clean my office!!!! RtP is on my case about that in a serious way
5) work through "Dolores" and her new typesetting, which I'm due to be receiving this afternoon and which needs to go out for galleys asap


Brian said...

That's quite a haul for one day. Good luck getting that all done. My day consists of mailing out Galleys From Hell (hell referring to quantity, not quality).

Jaye Wells said...

You do all that AND they expect you to clean? Outrageous!

angelle said...

i have a question for you, oh lofty editor. are you really keeping track of the numbers up there? so if i go back to your last "why i love my job" entry, it would be 6987649? and where was #1?

moonrat said...

numbers 1 through 6987647 were not listed in this particular publication. although among them are "i am crazy" and "i like to read"

(initial typo: i first typed "i live to read" which in fact is perhaps more accurate. sigh.)

Nathan Bransford said...

Ah, publishing. The land where they substitute low pay for the opportunity to meet the Wayans brothers.

BTW, thanks for the Christmas card! You're quite the diligent editor.

Charles Gramlich said...

I remember what a thrill I got one day when Samuel Delany called me. I'd gotten his email through a third party who knew us both and emailed to ask him some questions for an article I was doing on him. I'm sitting watching TV one saturday when my wife says, "Some guy named Delany is on the phone to talk to you?" I was so excited. It is really great to talk to writers you respect.

Josephine Damian said...

One of these days I'm gonna blog about how I met John Grisham in a gas station and proceeded to give him career advice, and how I yelled at John Updike when he signed my book the wrong way.

Of course, you're all familiar by now with my dreamy-eyed exchange with John Irving (I think I've met all the big "John's" at this point) and my lusting after a half naked Donald Maass in an elevator.

Maria said...

I have a friend who is an editor and she called me the other day to say that she talked to Condi Rice. I told her that I could trump that, I had actually met Cher.

She was quiet for a moment and then she said, "Well, did she offer to write a blurb for a book for you?"

Nope. She told me that she liked my lipstick, though.


The Anti-Wife said...

I think you need to go into serious negotiations with RtP concerning the cleaning thing. That might fall under the discrimination or harassment provisions of your contract - assuming you have a contract of course. Or you could always invoke the cruelty to moonrats clause.

Church Lady said...

Bask, baby, bask. You deserve it!!!

cyn said...

MR, are there "older" editors in the field. (and by older i mean, over 30, haha?) because how does one have the energy to do all that you do?!

go you! and yay for glamour and brushes with celebrities! *giddy*

Vesper said...

Wow! What can I say? :-) How can one get a job like yours? I want one! :-) :-) :-)

Brooke Taylor said...

Love the author story, thanks for sharing it! And YAY on the phone date!!

Sarah Hina said...

I hope the phone call went well! And that you didn't hyperventilate. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear MR,

Did you see Sarah Nelson's Forward in this week's issue of Publisher's Weekly?

There was an acknowledgment of editors, Tom Wolfe's in particular, and their importance to authors.

Strong connections. And I imagine you to be just the sort to engender such attachments.

Love your story about calling the agent.

May Delores and all your babies do extremely well in the world.


Demon Hunter said...

Congratulations on meeting all of the celebs! Were you nervous? :*)