Friday, January 04, 2008

Why I Love My Job #6987649

I've LITERALLY been editing since 8 am yesterday (there was a four-hour break at some part of the night that started sometime around 1:30). So although I SHOULD probably be panicking about my deadline, I'm instead rewarding myself at a chapter end with a little blogging break. Mainly because Momrat called and told me a ridiculous story I have to share.

But before I get there, why I love my job: editing is such a RUSH. When you realize something is missing and make a REALLY AWESOME author query, it's like the ground undulates beneath you and the heavens and earth sigh in contentment. It's what Moses must have felt like when he parted the Red Sea. Well, pretty close, anyway.

And yet another reason: some authors leave the NICEST acknowledgment notes for their editors. Hopefully we manage to conceal this from you guys, but this kind of behavior may result in spontaneous and contagious good moods. It is also known to trigger rapturous glowing and much prancing of the office for up to 4 consecutive hours.


Xarissa said...

Hi moonrat...I've been lurking for a while and I'm curious: what's an author query? I'm in mag publishing at the moment, but considering a switch to books, and trying to find out what I can about what, exactly, you do as a book editor. (It's something I've been interested in since my English major days, but when time came, I ended up only able to get in as EA of a luxury shelter title.)

Colorado Writer said...

Good to know. For future reference and all that.

*Note to self*

Gush over editor in acknowledgements.