Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sonnet by Ello

Kudos to Ello for not only mimicking Shakespeare but managing to quote heftily from Robert in the process!

Sonnet by Ello
Based in part off of Shakespeare's Sonnet 100

Ode from Robert

Where art thou, Moonrat, that thou forget'st so long

The random author shenanigans that

Creates this worthless song.

Remember, I was supposed to touch trees

Express feelings of low testosterone

But sucking up to women's lib

Makes a man dry as a bone.

Return, oh forgetful Muse and straight redeem

By providing a personal service

Like operating my car radio and winning back my esteem

Fair Moonrat, pro-active though you may be

An advocate does not in fact sell books

And our energies spent elsewhere would set us free

For a great publishing business is not built out of serendipity,

Because God smiles only very infrequently - at me.