Monday, January 21, 2008

phone call from Momrat

YT: Hi, Mom. Are you home already?

Momrat: No, I'm on the way to Grandma's, but I just wanted to call and say one quick thing first. Well, first, it was very nice to see you yesterday.

YT: Yes, thanks for brunch--

Momrat: Yes, well, the other thing is that, and I don't know if you realize this, or if you do it on purpose, or what, so don't take offense to it, but I need for you to think about it, OK? Is that every time I go to hug you, you're as stiff as a board! And I think to myself, geez, she must really not want to hug me, or something! So if it's all right with you, from now on I'll just kiss you on the cheek.

YT: ...Am... I a... bad hugger...?

Momrat: Like an IRONING board!! I don't know, maybe you're warm and affectionate with other people, and it's just with me, but I just don't want to have to do that anymore! We have to figure out some other way. Ok, that's all. Have a nice day!!

[Sorry for the contest distraction... I just had a classic Momrat moment and had to post about it.]


Hélène Boudreau said...

My little girl (6) is like this too! Has been ever since she was a baby. It's as though she thinks I'm going to tickle her when all I want to do is give her a hug--she can barely stand it!

This causes a lot of raised eyebrows from family members at family functions who think she's a bit anti-social.


Her sister (4) on the other hand was obviously replicated from a different arm of my DNA. She can't get enough hugs and kisses.

More anecdotal evidence for the case of nature vs nurture.

Cakespy said...

This is like someone saying "You look tired". I mean, what do you say to that, "Thanks, you too!?". I don't know how I would respond to being called a bad hugger.

Brian said...

"We have to figure out some other way."

Of what? Hugging? Does she envision some elaborate contraption involving pulleys, harnesses, and jai alai baskets?

No, wait, that's me envisioning that. I think I've hit upon a way to take care of all my hugging needs.

Sarah Hina said...

Hmm...I thought everyone hugged their moms like that. Otherwise, you might never escape.

"We have to figure out some other way."

I love it! Nothing like making you more self-conscious...

(And thank you for the congrats on my blog. I really appreciated it!)

Editorial Anonymous said...

Just posting to this entry because it's your most recent:
LOVE the Robert the Publisher gems. My boss drives me a little crazy occasionally, but he/she is nothing like yours. You need a little Robert the Publisher voodoo doll.


oh dear

The Anti-Wife said...

Moms! Sometimes they can be so exasperating!

cyn said...

haha! that's so funny! aiyah! you have to practice your hugs! ;*)

Maria said...

I have been told that I lack hugging skills as well. I only really hug Liv, everyone else gets a fakey one. I simply don't LIKE hugging. There. The dirty little secret is out and now everyone will look at me, shocked and appalled.

Precie said...

aw. thanks for sharing.

is it time to start polling your other loved ones? "Am I a bad hugger? Be honest." Oy.

Demon Hunter said...

I used to hate hugging people, now I do it all the time. Maybe your mom isn't as comfortable with hugs as she thinks. She doesn't seem to realize it. :*)

moonrat said...

re: "some other way" in a subsequent phone call she suggested "maybe a handshake or something." brian, i think some of your ideas sound better.

Tory said...

Grrr...mothers! Never happy.
You've been tagged. Come to my blog and add your url.
Take care
I was thinking of entering your contest, but I'm not sure I know exactly what to write. I may try...I am such an airhead sometimes..grrr.

jalexissmith said...

hahaha.... oh we know your type.

Bernita said...

We're very huggy in our family.
Were you always like this or is it just a result of wary of strangers that carried over to your Mom?

Jaye Wells said...

No matter how cool or mature you think you are, the minute mom calls it's like you're 16 again.

As for the hugging, I think you and Momrat should come up with an intricate handshake ritual: palm slapping, snaps, a turn and jazz hands. Always jazz hands.

Shameless said...

Hahaha. That's why a akiss and a hug is great ... and on't even let me get started on France's kissing on both cheeks! :-)