Friday, January 11, 2008

here doth lie thy social life

7:11 on Friday evening, after two consecutive work weeks (that is, there was no discernable weekend in between them, in that I spent the whole weekend hunched over my desk blearily reading undersized copy and semi-judiciously employing my red pen). I've finally sent the text file out to the designer and, my rattling breathing echoing through the hollow corridors of my abandoned office, I think to myself, what the hey! Maybe I'll finish this bibliography tomorrow! (oh naughty girl) and go, you know, hang out with, like, what's the word?... oh yeah, friends. Hang out with friends.

Open flips the cellphone. Down I page through the numbers in the address book.

"Plans tonight?" I ask them.

"Yeah, sorry."

"I have a date; you knew that already."

"I'm hanging out with someone you don't like."

"I would, but I'm out of town."

"If only this weren't such last-minute notice."

"Wait, who is this?"

"I'm going to a movie with my sister; sorry."

[Ok, yes, you caught me--this dialogue is slightly exaggerated as I don't even know this many people. But the last one was real. Yes, I actually called my designer to see what he was doing tonight. Sigh.]

I think there might be a lesson in this story. Perhaps it is "do not alienate your friends by cutting them off for four months while rendering yourself blind in a locked room staring at a screen" or perhaps it is simply "do not go into editorial."

So... I guess I'm going back to the bibliography now.


Church Lady said...

I invited you to dinner but never heard back. (remember when I asked if you prefer head or hoof?)


Kaytie M. Lee said...

Apparently all you have to do to get a social life revival is actively decide to be a hermit for a week. I've never had so many invitations to lunch, dinner and happy hour in my life.

So much for forward momentum on the new novel.

Lisa said...

As a recovering but frequently relapsing workaholic myself, I can tell you that even when you do put in ridiculous hours, you have to remind your friends that you exist sometimes or they do tend to wander off and make plans without you when you're finally ready to emerge :)

I know that Friday night with nothing to do feeling. :( But on the bright side, I think you will one day be a major force in the publishing industry and when that day comes and you reveal yourself to the world as Moonrat, Princess of Publishing Power, we'll all say we knew her when.

Work hard -- but play hard too. You're still working harder than 99% of your colleagues and it will pay off. But don't forget to have fun along the way. :)))

pacatrue said...

Hey, now weren't you out drinking sake and singing karaoke for hours only about a week and a half ago? There are records you know!

cyn said...

oh boo. =(

i'm at the point where most
my friends are in different
time zones.

i hope you do something fun

Charles Gramlich said...

This sounds a bit familiar. Been there, got forgotten by friends.