Wednesday, December 12, 2007

some self-indulgent good news

Again, Robert Jordan's WHEEL OF TIME is going to be completed!!! Here's the PW article, courtesy of The Swivet.

Dadrat is so cute. I emailed him the link and his email back went like this.

Dear Moonrat,

Thanks for the info. Fall 09 is a long time away. I was hoping for something sooner. Well, better late than never.


Unrelated: I had a big big media hit for one of my books this morning, via my truly miraculous publicity department. The book in question is the one I was so nervous about the other day. This is good news, because media coverage plus store presence should bode much better for me.

Also, another one of my books has been chosen as a Best of 2007 by a major publication. This has been trickling good news, since the book actually sold pretty poorly despite all our efforts. We're hoping that maybe now it will get some of the attention it deserves!!!

YT has joined a writing group!! To commence in the new year. Why, you ask? Because clearly she is crazy. Crazy. By the way, for anyone who is curious, being able to rip apart other people's novels with flair and style (and let's face it, who's got more flair and style than YT?!?) does NOT equate to being able to write one's own novel.

But I did have this realization the other day that I should be making some kind of effort. The story: I was forgiving myself for some overly self-indulgent and rather maudlin behavior by thinking quietly to myself, it's ok, I'm an artist and I channel all my strange emotions into my work. Then I remembered that that's a load of CRAP and that I don't create ANYTHING except fantasy worlds in my head where I AM a writer. So really, now, to make good on all my inexcusable and overly emotional behavior I think I NEED to start writing. And to fulfil my dream of being published I can always make copies on the industrial copy machine and then staple them together.

Actually, Angelle here puts it far better than I do.


angelle said...

i'm a little nervous about managing my writing/reading workload doing this writer's group and class. bc i think i'm going to be submitting diff sections. but it's good that we're getting going. hopefully it'll be helpful and fulfilling.

yes yes i should just quit my dayjob. alas, i have no funds.

angelle said...

also, u are not a writer just in ur head.

pacatrue said...

Good luck on your writing group. Incidentally, did you remove the post from a couple days ago when you mentioned Tor's decision on who should complete Wheel of Time? I cannot find it. I also must apologize for my Nynaeve braid-tugging crack, since I just did a search of the blog to discover that you had a braid for several years and went by the character name Nynaeve. Oops.

moonrat said...

hahahahaha paca. i meant to make a snide comment about that earlier but i haven't had time to make comments on my own blog in like a week!!! it's hideous.

but yes. i surely do tug my braid at you. i tug my braid and stamp my foot.

Mardougrrl said...

Wow...your words just reached through the screen and slapped me upside the head.

In a good way.

I'm also one who had recently had a BIG realization with writing (as in, I need to LEARN how to do it, which is slow and tedious and far less fun than throwing my hand up to my forehead and crying about how I am just BLOCKED).

Sigh. I fear 2008 will be the year I manage to write dreadfully, but often.