Monday, December 03, 2007

Onion articles for writers

Thanks, Brian, for this awesome, awesome post.

Some of my favorites include

Author Wishes She Hadn't Blown Personal Tragedy on First Book


Novelist Thinks People Shrug 10 Times More Than They Actually Do


Chumplet said...

The one about the tragic author is hilarious! I must remember to dole out my personal tragedies with frugality.

Verification word: oreox - a personal tragedy involving a cookie. Don't even go there...

Jaye Wells said...

I would marry the Onion if I could. On the main site, the current headline is about the feminists hiring a man to run things. Ah sweet irony, thy name is Onion.

pacatrue said...

It does seem wise to save up the good topics for novel two, once you know how to write.

Josephine Damian said...

My favorite was the one about the computer that ate the master's thesis! I've already shared that one with my grad school advisor.

Church Lady said...

"Oreox" LOL, Chumplet, that's a fine definition!

The article about the author is sadly funny. Good thing I write humorous kid-lit so I can keep accumulating my personal tragedies for later in my writing life.