Sunday, December 02, 2007

further to the Disney Princess discussion

Gawker has a topic they blog about on occasion. They call it "femiladyism." It's this new phenomenon of modern women who seem to me intensely embracing femininity as their main venue for asserting themselves. In other words, modern women all want to be grown-up Disney Princesses.

I'm not passing along judgment, just this article, for example (it's a story of a 29-year-old woman who had a Beauty & the Beast themed wedding).

I don't care at all what adult women want to do with their lives, and I'll admit the idea of a giant golden wedding gown and blood-red bridesmaid bouquets...well, it kinda appeals. My brain is already extremely firmly set in its ways, and I think that all the damage to my psyche is done already. What bothers me is what they teach little girls about body image (and other things). Why are they all slender-waisted and large-breasted (those proportions, scientists and psychologists have shown, are difficult for almost any woman to achieve without either unhealthy eating/exercise habits, plastic surgery, or a combination)? Why is it that Pocahontas and Mulan represent "different values" that exclude them from the central princess canon? I mean I'm sure this has nothing to do with their skin color or anything. Because after all there is Jasmine to serve as a role model for how little girls "of color" can grow up to be princesses, too!! Only they should bear their midriffs and copious bosoms (thank goodness Jasmine's costume is so historically accurate as well as providing excellent reinforcement for the charms all little girls should feel like they need to display!!).

Sorry. I don't know where that rant came from. Oh, Ello, I think it might have been stewing since you mentioned how much you hate the princesses. Anyway. Now it's out of my system. For the moment.


Ello said...

Well, I say you did a damn fine job with that rant. Damn fine job! To be fair, it probably predates Disney and starts with the Barbie doll. Cause I think Snow White was their first animated film ever and I think SW was a bit on the flat chested side. I think Cinderella might have been the first princess to have a bosom and then don't even get me started on how much I hate Ariel's little seashell bosoms. Grrrrr.

I personally find it amusing as hell that grown women are paying 100,000s of dollars on Disney themed weddings in horse drawn glass carriages to fulfill their Cinderella fantasy. If anyone ever invited me to anything like that, I would send a gift and never go because I know I would be smirking and laughing like a fiend during the whole ceremony.

Bernita said...

Turns a wedding into a mere spectacle.

cyn said...

i left a comment on my blog to your comment about being disappointed with enchanted's ending. i really felt the prince's motivation on "giving up" her princess was competely off. daughter LOVES princesses. *sighs* i don't buy princess things (like i don't buy hello kitty things) but she sees her friends in preschool dress up for halloween as princesses. oh. i take that back. i do buy her cheap princess shoes at payless, because they are just about the only item offered!

i never was a girly girl and preferred books and computer games to dress up. my daughter likes to be pretty. that's how she is. of course one worries, but i think she can still grow up okay (i hope!!) with good friends, love and guidance.

it's a whole diff game once you have kids, let me tell you. and ello, i don't know how you do it! kudos to you!