Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Robert the Publisher's Gem of the Day

[actually, I have to admit I'm not sure Robert actually said this--Jesse, one of my fellow editors, was recounting this conversation with Robert that they had shortly after the time of my being hired]

Robert: I'm going to hire a third editor and you and Daniel can give her all your crap. It'll be great.

Jesse & Daniel: That sounds awesome.

[two days later]

Robert: I hired this new girl, and I think she's going to be great. Now I don't want any of you trying to pass off any of your crap on her.

Jesse: But when I started, you passed ME a bunch of crap!

Robert: Shut up, Jesse. Don't you have a bunch of crap to be working on?!



Kaytie M. Lee said...

I desire a tee-shirt that says "I [heart] Robert the Publisher." The heart can be an actual heart, or spelled out, I don't care.

Church Lady said...

You're working around a lot of testosterone, girlfriend.
But that is a sweet story.

Maria said...

This is why I love freelancing....

But, I do recall loving a few guys that I used to work with who CONSTANTLY gave me the business.

Funny, it was the other women who drove me insane....

moonrat said...

dude. tell me about it.

i'll work on the tshirt.

Bernita said...

Is Robert an oxymoron made manifest?
But he does have a certain charm.

Precie said...


How about the "I heart..." on the front...with a "Gems" list on the back? :)