Tuesday, November 06, 2007

plans for tonight

Angelle's coming by and we're going to work in my office library for awhile. She's going to write and I'm going to edit. We'll probably order a pizza or maybe get take-out Chinese. Also, there's the ever-ready coffee machine.

Before I "sign off" though (fat chance--remember how I wasn't going to post at all today?!) I have to leave you with this poop-hurling monkey cake, courtesy of The Swivet. The rally monkey was pleased as punch to see someone had commemorated in sugar his favorite pasttime.

1 comment:

angelle said...

i'm full.

i'm trying my hardest to come up with an awesome comment that will knock you off your socks and have you rolling around in laughter, but with you sitting right next to me right now, the pressure is far to great, and i'm afraid that i've come up a bit short. writer's block, that's what it is.

okay, back to work.