Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ok, ok, just one more last quick note to say

Belated happy birthday to my one true love (besides Enrique)--Ryan Adams.

Ryan, I know you and I parted ways at the end of 2005 on slightly unfriendly terms (you and those dumb Cardinals!) but I'll always remember us like we were in 2003, when I would lie on my bed with only the Christmas lights on and play Heartbreaker on endless loop.

Because I still consider us friends, I have to tell you I just can't approve of the tarantula tattoo. I'm dearly hoping it's a recurring decal.

To celebrate, I'll name my 3 favorite Ryan Adams songs.

Oh My Sweet Carolina
Sweet Illusions
La Cienega (Just Smiled)
Dear Chicago
New York, New York
When the Stars Go Blue (this is not a Tim McGraw song, American Idol. gosh that made me mad.)
Come Pick Me Up

Like Emma's friend Miss Bates, I find my greatest difficulty is limiting myself to only 3 (as you've no doubt noticed from my series of failed "top 3" lists).


pacatrue said...

I feel like I should go find out who Ryan Adams is now.

moonrat said...

mission accomplished.