Tuesday, November 06, 2007

note to authors: shorter sentences sell more books

Just a reminder. Don't feel the need to outdo yourself. One of the particular battles I'm fighting this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Damn it.

pacatrue said...

This is funny. Yes. It is.

Where's my money?

Colorado Writer said...

What? You mean we don't get paid per WORD?

Church Lady said...

What Paca said.
We're very good at short sentences.

Froog said...

It's all about balance, isn't it?

Very short sentences can be an even more annoying affectation than very long ones.

A lot of the time, very long sentences are unnecessary, just pretentious showing off; and quite possibly ungrammatical, or at least unnecessarily difficult to read as well.

But if you're trying to weed out any sentence over 20 words long, I fear you're dumbing down to an increasingly sub-literate and attention-span-challenged market.

Bernita said...