Friday, November 30, 2007

I hate my designer so much right now.

[all this happened over a phone conversation in the last 15 minutes]

[Book in question: my lead title for the Winter, a novel that should (fingers crossed) really take off. My baby, as it was my first serious acquisition here. Final pass page proofs are releasing to the printer today.]

My Designer: Did you get your final corrections for the XXXX pages?

Yours Truly: Yes, thanks. [I don't feel like bringing up with him the fact that the hyphens I asked him to add (there were about 5 missing hyphens throughout) were too long; they looked like em-dashes (--)]

MD: Well, you know, you wanted all those hyphens added, so I made sure I followed your instructions for each hyphen.

YT: Yes, thanks.

MD: So I hope you're not going to be sending it back to me with any corrections.

YT: Nope, we're all done. [I had the production manager change the hyphens to appropriate hyphen size so I didn't have to involve him again because he's such a mistake-riddled pain in my ass sometimes.]

MD: Good, good. [Gleeful laughing.]

YT: What's so funny?

MD: Has the production manager sent the text off to the printer yet?

YT: Not sure; it's possible.

MD: Well, before she does, maybe she wants to check the hyphens I put in. I made them nice long dashes instead of hyphens, to keep you on your toes.

YT: Yeah, I know...wait. You did that on purpose?

MD: I was teaching you a lesson about being a careful editor.


[Lucky I AM a careful editor. For ####ssake.]


Jaye Wells said...

I think maybe he's the real ass.

Hi, by the way, I've been lurking and love your blog.

writtenwyrdd said...

What an ass! (BTW you mention his name near the bottom of the post. Was this intentional?)

He's being difficult because you are perceived to have power and he doesn't want to allow you this. Granted, it is minimal power, but you are not allowed to have any without his approval. Or something like that. I bet you got along better before the promotion, too.

moonrat said...

it's not his real name, don't worry ;) but thanks for looking out for me.

yeah, he's clearly being misanthropic because i was right about the font size. booo.

Church Lady said...

I agree with writtenwyrdd. A huge MF asshole. (I added some appropriate embellishment).

Did MFAss really call you honey? Ohhhh!!!!! Nothing makes me madder than balding old pricks who treat professional women like that.
I'm really mad for you.

Do more than just be mad and blog though. It sounds like you outrank this fart. Go with your gut and make it 320 pages and get your font size in.

It does matter. I just skipped over a book a few weeks ago at the bookstore because the font size was too small. I'm not joking. Reading is one of my few pleasures. I don't want eye strain while I'm doing it.

Jill Myles said...

Can you go over him? Like say, gasp, to Robert the Publisher and tell him that you're getting pinged for a bigger font and that douche won't let you have one?

Anonymous said...

Honey? He called you Honey? Don't let them do that to you, girl. You've got to Honey him right back!!!!!

Kaytie M. Lee said...

This guy is being profoundly unprofessional. It is NOT okay for anyone to "teach lessons" in a business setting.

Do you have an HR department? You should catalog these situations and pass them along. This guy is toxic and his games are potentially damaging to your company.

Does your company do peer reviews? He's interfering with your ability to do your job, and that's the nicest way to put it. Truer and harsher is that he's sabotaging your success.

The Anti-Wife said...

What an idiot. Whenever I deal with someone like this I have to constantly remind myself not to sink to their level - no matter how tempting that might be.

Leigh Russell said...

I'd definitely ignore him. Don't waste your energy. He's clearly a - no, I won't use bad language on your blog, have a few asterisks w***er (clue: not writer). Can you go over his head & behind his back and make sure your (clearly reasonable and superior) decision on the font size is followed up? You know what you're doing. You're right. No one likes tiny print. And he's point scoring for some pathetical and unprofessional jealous reason. He resents you. He should be demoted to office toilet cleaner.

Bernita said...

That's deliberate sabotage of a company product!

Helen said...

That's so unprofessional it's horrifying.

Conduit said...

I'm not one to stoop to violence, but I think you should kick him in the nuts. Seriiously.

cyn said...

what exactly is wrong with this guy???? dumb f*ck.

Ello said...

Another asshole alert! What a fucker! Can I go kick him in the nuts for you? I am one mean pig now.

Shameless said...

This was incredible. Does this designer get a lot of work? ! :-)