Wednesday, November 14, 2007

how can it POSSIBLY be

that every single one of my exes is either married or getting married in the next month?!? [Well, except one, but he turned out to be a womanizing dipwad, so he can hardly be counted.]

What is it, like, when they recover from Moonrat they're suddenly struck by bouts of monogamy?!

This is not to say like I'm belatedly feeling like *I* should have married any of these people. But still.


Colorado Writer said...

It feels worse when they announce a new baby. Also, feels worse when the new chick gets new boobs.

Kaytie M. Lee said... another three years the divorces will start happening, and you'll feel better.

Conduit said...

So what's the rush to get married? Aren't you a youngster, still the right side of 30? I'm the wrong side of it and still have no intention tying the knot. Heaven forfend.

Though admittedly, in my own piece of overshare, an ex of mine who dragged me too close to the altar for comfort had a baby last year (I had to count the months on my fingers to be sure I was in the clear). I did feel kind of strange about that one.

Anonymous said...

My first guess is that it's just that time of life, late 20s and 30s, in which people tie the knot a lot. It's courtin' time.

My second guess is that your exes are so completely forlorn and lost once the relationship with you ends, and they see nothing but perpetual darkness on the road ahead when compared to a single moment in your presence, that they find some cheap substitute to latch on to, hoping that in time, possibly just possibly the pain of being without you will lessen.

I'm going with the second one.


Anonymous said...

doesn't people getting married give you enormous amounts of anxiety? we are too young for marriage. i have a lot more gin and tonics to drink before walking down that aisle.

Queen Bitch said...

Hey be happy they're someone else's problems now hehe. At least that's how I feel about my ex--who now has no balls thanks to his wife *triple hehe* Karma...she's a mean one