Friday, November 16, 2007

further adventures with my designer

[phone call, 1:09 pm, Friday, November 16th]

Moonrat: Hi there. Thanks for sending up the two jackets you owed me.

Designer: Yeeees.

Moonrat: Just one thing, though. It looks like you used the catalog copy instead of the jacket copy I sent to you. [nb I sent these along more than 2 weeks ago]

Designer: Oh. Did I? Sorry.

Moonrat: Yeah, so, since I have to send up the author photos anyway, I'll just hold off on my other comments until you get a chance to drop the new copy in. [nb both books are now a week late]

Designer: I guess I can do that. But first send me the back cover copy.

Moonrat: I already did. All the jacket copy is together, in the files I sent you on those disks.

Designer: I know.

Moonrat: You know?

Designer: Yeah, truth be told, I knew you sent me the jacket copy, but I didn't feel like using it, so I just ignored it and used the catalog copy instead.

Moonrat: ...Right. I'm...going to go now.

Designer: Byeee!


cyn said...

man. tgif.

karaoke!!!!!!! ;*)

moonrat said...

you got it, sister!

Anonymous said...

man! how is that this guy is still employed?

moonrat said...

he's really, really cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeap

writtenwyrdd said...

I can see how he's cheeeeep. He has to be in order to get worrrrrrrrrk!

What a dildo.