Monday, November 19, 2007

emotionally taxing weekend

There were three (3) extremely emotionally taxing episodes this weekend. Suffice it to say it is inadvisable to eat large quantities of pastry with a psychotherapist.

So instead I will leave you with this picture/dialogue.

[picture removed 07/09/08 at Momrat's request]

[Pictured: Dadrat, Momrat, and lots of The Aunda's homemade pasta. Not pictured but vociferously present in voice-over: The Aunda.]

The Aunda: Mike! Itsa too crowd over here! Go a-sit at la otra side of da table!

Dadrat: But I want to sit here.

The Aunda: Why?!

Dadrat: I love my wife!

The Aunda: Bulla-sheet!

[today's dialogue brought to you by IAA, Italian Americans Anonymous.]


angelle said...

hee hee.. that pasta looks delish. so i hear abt melanie's adventures with your family (ie: the vats of ravioli) and i drool.

Bernita said...

I love your Aunda.

Ello said...

Aunda rocks! She is too funny! Hey my mom's favorite saying is "Son a bitch!" Notice the lack of an "of" in there - say it with a Korean accent and it sounds like "sonabeach!"

Frank said...

This brings back memories of pasta Sunday in New Hyde Park with my grandfather. We'd go through the routine of my having filthy glasses, his taking them off my face, then looking through the spotted lenses saying, in his booming voice "Ohhhh, Frankie...?" Then he'd take out his dirty handkerchief, breathe on the lenses, and wipe them clean for me..."

Colorado Writer said...

Reminds me of my in-laws, except that next to the pasta there is always a soggy, meat/rice-stuffed green pepper. ((shudder))

Demon Hunter said...

The pasta looks great! :*)

Conduit said...

Your dad looks about 30! Was he an early bloomer?!

angelle said...

moonrat had had all of you duped this whole time. she is really 12.

Froog said...

Your dad is left-handed? And he's sitting on the right of your mom? That makes for elbow-banging.

Church Lady said...

I thought Dadrat looked young also. And Momrat would be soooo pissed if she saw this post of her in mid-spoon!!
sheeeet LOL!

Josephine Damian said...

Yo, Moonrat! Too fuckin' funny.

Ah, Italian family life, I know it well.

I'm wid the resta youse thinkin' the pops looksa la younga dan da moms.

Yo, Precie, Angelle! Looks like we're SOL getting a pitch crit from agent Jessica. Oh, well.

Conduit said...

Sorry to chip into this one a second time, but does anyone else know a movie from the mid fifties called 'Marty' that starred Ernest Borgnine? Apart from the cussing, the dialogue in Moonrat's dometic scene sounds like it came right out of that. :)

Space Alien said...

hahaha I picture the Aunda's voice in my head.

mmm cavatell tastiness in two days!
e le malocchie.