Thursday, November 15, 2007

changed template (in case you, um, didn't notice)

This one is called Mr. Moto, which just appealed to me on so many stupid levels.

Is this easier on the eyes?


Precie said...

I like!

Froog said...

Pure legibility is slightly improved, but it is depressingly dull. Grey??

And the links don't show up.

What are you thinking, MR?

Not, it's yucky: it's the colour of porridge mixed with cigarette ash. It puts you off your dinner.

Was it too difficult to wean yourself off black all at once. This is kind of a light black, isn't it? For heaven's sake, if you're going to have a change - please, a little colour.

jalexissmith said...

not a fan... but then again, I don't really like change.

Cheryl said...

Hard to see where the entries seperate. But it's your blog!

moonrat said...

i agree, cheryl. poo. it's like i'd have to wait for a whole DAY to go by before posting again. humph.

we might have to re-evaluate mr. moto. i like the color scheme, honestly (being a rather beige girl myself), but the post breaks are annoying.

Conduit said...

Got to say, I find this one hard on the eyes. The guy who works with my business ensuring all our websites are disability friendly, particularly to those with visual impairment, wouldn't be keen on this at all because of the poor contrast levels. He'd give you a very stern lecture, in fact, and possibly the evil eye as well.

It's not that hard to customise a template if you're feeling adventurous, so you can take one that's close and then add your own personal touches.

Froog said...

Beige would be better than grey.

Anything would be better than grey.