Saturday, November 17, 2007

catalog of nice things I ate today

Venue: Olive's sandwich shop, Prince btw Wooster and Greene
-dark chocolate "ringding" (modeled after the Hostess, only 8 bajillion times nicer, with dark chocolate brownie cake, squishy white frosting filling, and dark chocolate candy coating) (actually, I received this as a gift and ate it for breakfast on the train downtown this morning, since I found it sitting in my purse. But yeah, go to Olive's and buy some baked goods.)

Venue: Saigon Grill, 90th & Amsterdam
-barley tea
-chicken crystal dumplings
-cha gio (Vietnamese spring rolls)
-shrimp summer rolls with noc cham and plum peanut sauce
-deep fried shrimp in egg roll wrappers
-papaya salad with shredded beef and peanuts
-taro chips
-chicken and beef satay
-pho bo (rice noodle soup with thinly sliced beef
-thai iced tea

Venue: Hungarian Pastry Shop, 111th and Amsterdam
-coffee (4)
-flaky custard pie
-blueberry graham cracker layer cake
-cherry cream cheese strudel
-strawberry almond tart

Venue: Swish Caffe, 115th and Broadway
-mango lobster fish roe roll with sweet mango sauce
-philadelphia roll
-pickled ginger

I'm feeling a little... what's the word... Oh yeah. Obese.

Time for dinner.


Froog said...

The multiple desserts - that was extreme.

I just hope that was an entire afternoon's worth, rather than just 30 minutes of disgusting gorging.

Ooh, by the way, my verification word is Relbrina.... which does sound rather like the name of a damsel in a fantasy novel, doesn't it?

Or maybe it's just a brand of lavatory cleaner.

In one of the infinite parallel universes... both are true. At the same time? Which is unfortunate for our poor Relbrina - no Prince will marry a girl named after a scouring powder.

Ello said...

Mango lobster roll! Ohhhhhh that sounds good! God, I would love to eat with you! Another foodie! Woo hoo! And what is wrong with multiple desserts? There is always room for desserts!

My word verfication - hawac - as in hawac a big loogie.

Church Lady said...

There's only one place you learn to eat like that. Prison.

Very impressive, btw. Your abilities are humbling. I ate two whole pies in one day a couple of years ago. My stomach couldn't handle it, and it gave me diarehha and I lost a few pounds.

moonrat said...

Alas, Church Lady--you have figured out my secret.

And what is this about word verification?! I never asked for my comments to be word verified!! Have they always been like that?

Froog said...

Word verification - yes. Check your comment settings.

It's a particular problem for me - as a compulsive, but bad, anagram addict, I am always likely to type something like 'dolphin sperm' when it actually says 'sppmoreldn'.

jalexissmith said...

Today I have eaten:
plain large coffee
ham, egg, cheese sandwich
vanilla large coffee
ham panini
Diet Dr. Pepper
granola bar

Currently I am eating salmon fried rice but it is not very good. In case you were wondering.......