Friday, November 30, 2007

because Google searches continue to be funny

Based on data collected from my sitemeter

-I am the second (of two) hits under "my mom is a tyrant"

-thanks to Church Lady's question about the difference between an Editorial Assistant and an Assistant Editor (and thanks to my perhaps poor word choice in my response), I am now the #2 google hit under "kinds of asses"

-and now, for winning referral of the day (I was in the top 10 hits for this!! If you can figure out why, you get a prize!)

"I broke my hyphen but I'm still a virgin"

That's right, folks.


Jaye Wells said...

"I broke my hyphen but I'm still a virgin"

I'm jealous. Most of my searches are boring.

Overheard one day at a salon:
"He has prostrate cancer."

Wayne said...

Better that the other way round.

Church Lady said...


What is that song? "I like big butts. I cannot lie."

I get a surprising number of hits on 'blobfish.' Boring compared to yours. ;-)

Josephine Damian said...

I'm thinking of starting a fourth blog (as if three isn't too many), about my cats. Since I have several (cats, blogs too), I was going to call my blog "Pussies Galore." Bet the porn-seeking googlers would give me a ton of hits.

Bernita mentioned using the word "porn" in one of her posts, and I think she went from 200 hits to 20,000! Tsk, tsk.

I'm also thinking of a recipe blog called "Eat me." Have I no shame? Nope.

Sarah Hina said...


cyn said...

as long as her colon is okay.

love the searches !! haha!

jalexissmith said...

i still like publishing sushi karaoke

Church Lady said...

Josephian! Wicked sense of humor!!

Ello said...

My number one search hit is "talking on the cell phone in the bathroom" and "funny things kids say"

I love that you get types of asses as a search. That cracks me up - Ah a pun!

Ello said...

I win the prize! I know why you get searches for "I broke my hyphen but I'm still a virgin".

You have "broke" several times in your blog posting - first one being "broke up with boyfriend". You have virgiin in your Eco post for the virgin who catches the unicorn. And you had a whole lot of hyphens in your asshole designer post! And people must not know how to spell hymen when they are doing their searches, cause that is too funny!

Leigh Russell said...

I wonder what the prize is???!!!

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

When I was in New Orleans...I saw a poster displaying and labeling all the different kinds of breasts.

That was neat.

Church Lady said...

I googled this and it brought me here:
She had a 65-year-old married boyfriend who enjoyed having his ass slapped with a piece of turkey breast during sex and then, after the act was committed, enjoying with his girlfriend the tasty resulting turkey sandwich.

Go figure.

Church Lady said...

I am always number 13 in the comments. No matter whose blog it is. I want to break this trend!! Here is number 14.

(sorry, book ass)

Shameless said...

Haha. lol

Maprilynne said...

OMG!!!! LMFAO!!!

I literally laughed out loud . . . which I don't do very often.:)