Wednesday, October 03, 2007

this morning I called my great aunt

(or "the Aunda" as she is commonly known). She asked me why I hadn't called in so long, and asked if she had done something wrong.

Yipes. I explained that I've been working too much and when I get home at 10 it's too late or I'm too tired. She said 10 is not too late, that even if I wake her up it's ok, because she gets up every hour to "make-a pee pee" anyway, as this is what happens to you when you're old. I can call her at 10, or 12, or 1, or 2, or 4 if I want too.

Whatever claim the Jewish mothers lay to the art form, I think it it was the Italian aunts who perfected the guilt trip.

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cyn said...

haha! classic! she gotcha. =)