Friday, October 12, 2007

Rose, Rose, Rose

Rose ROCKS because she bought a friend a book for Buy a Friend a Book Week. She ROCKS even more becaues *I* was the friend.

She is EVIL and HORRIBLE because she has bought me a copy of ATLAS SHRUGGED which is 1200 PAGES LONG.

The editorial assistant assures me that I'm going to love it regardless of the length, and that it's the kind of books that you get totally caught up with and can't put down. I'm going to love "the awesome female protagonist" who "gets shit done." She's read it twice.

Ok, Rose, so thank you for the book, expect a report on it shortly, and remember that revenge is sweet (and long).


cyn said...

i am curious to see how you like it. atlas shrugged i started at least 3x and could never get far. =X the fountainhead, however, i loved.

Precie said...

I loved The Fountainhead when I was in high school. I've owned Atlas Shrugged for several years but have yet to open it. Looking forward to moonrat's review.

Lisa said...

I read both quite a while ago and I agree that The Fountainhead was a much more pleasurable read. Atlas Shrugged is one of those "it changed my life" books; however, that's usually the reaction from people (including me) who read it at a fairly young age. Since you are comparatively young, but much more sophisticated than most of your peer group across America, I'll be VERY interested to know how you feel about the overall philosophy -- although, if you one day make your last post as the Editorial Ass and disappear, I suppose I'll have my answer ;)

Anonymous said...

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE EDITORIAL ASS. That book could and should have been edited down to 400 pages, and it would still be annoying! It is useful for one thing, though: a guide to how NOT to write a sex scene.