Thursday, October 04, 2007

report card for yesterday

1) OOOO---$8.50 spent ($1.50 on water at the gym, $7 on Chinese lunch)
2) OOOO---went to gym; see above
3) OOOO---cf this post
4) XXXX---only read about 20 pages


cyn said...

what do you do at the gym?

and what are you reading for pleasure? =)

moonrat said...

i'm rowing at the gym these days. i'm back on :) the best (and most painful) full-body workout you can do in 20 minutes!!

i'm working on LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA, but it's going OH so slowly because of all the work. sigh. perhaps the weekend.

what about you?

cyn said...

i am currently reading iris murdoch as i knew her by a.n.wilson (she is a favorite novelist of mine, ever since i read "a severed head". i have yet to meet anyone online or off who reads her as avidly as i do.)

i am going to jumprope today on the driveway while the bubs nap. (ha!) and perhaps do some lunges.

i hope to go to the gym tomrrow. i do strength and 30 minutes of cardio--probably ellipitcal which is the easiest =)

cyn said...

hmm. i'm going to have to look to see if we have a rowing machine at our gym!