Wednesday, October 03, 2007

new lifestyle plan

Sorry about this; the only reason I'm posting this here is because my blog is really the only thing I check in with EVERYday.

Based on my various recent purchase decisions, I have constructed a new set of life plan daily goals. I've tried to make the goals small and manageable.

1) Spend $10 or under a day (there can be rollover money, though. Just like with Cingular.)

2) Exercise for 20 minutes.

3) Practice guitar for 15 minutes.

4) Read 50 pages of not work things.

Ok, so I hope this doesn't bother y'all too much, but I'm going to post a mini report card each day of the day before. Yesterday's looks like this:

1) OOOO $0 spent (+10)
2) XXXX no exercise, alas
3) OOOO practiced for 15 minutes
4) XXXX read about 20 pages

Score: 2/4

1 comment:

angelle said...

speaking of, i have been completely unproductive these days. i haven't touched my personal statement in ages, nor my apps, done no studying for my gres, barely touched any of my stories... and i haven't gone to the gym in about a month either. rawrrr.