Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my two favorite car names

The Honda Life Dunk

The Honda That's

Incidentally, both distributed only in Japan.

For more on car names, check out the Forbes.com write-up. Other winners include the Light Dump, the Naked, the Mysterious Utility, the Toyopet, the Deliboy, and the Thing.


David L. McAfee said...

Those little cars are cute. :)

I bet they get amazing mileage. Given the current state of gas prices in the US, I am surprised Honda doesn't consider trying to sell them here. Mercedes-Benz is bring the formerly European-only Smart Car to the US, and they have already taken 30,000 preliminary orders.

Maybe Honda will notice. I'd buy a Life Dunk. :)

Froog said...

OK, so Jinglish (or whatever it's called) is even better than Chinglish.... and if it weren't so much more expensive than Beijing, I'd move there tomorrow.

Mind you, we do have a leisurewear boutique that calls itself 'Toggery of Recreation' - that's pretty good.

There's really a car called the 'Naked'??