Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Manuscript of Doom has hit a serious wall

It comes to my attention that the author did not, in fact, intend the notes to be unnumbered (I wondered why there were no footnotes after the long and plentiful quoted passages..).

No, no. The author intended to publish without any kind of citation. Which is exactly how his British publisher has handled all his books. Why should the American edition be any different?

I. Can't. Believe. It.

My moral fiber is sorely tried.

End of day report: we're on page 72!!!!! Not 125 at all!!!!!

Sometimes I just want to pack up and move to Asia. Argh.


angelle said...

boo. we've had a tough day at work.

meanwhile at 4:30 we were told we needed to rewrite a bunch of documents supposedly by 5. it is 6:30 and i just finished them.

sigh. i'm late to class and i didn't do the reading today...

cyn said...

aiyo!! =/
those crazy brits!!

jalexissmith said...

Go to Asia!

eleKtrofly said...