Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am reminded of why I got into publishing.

Author events.

Last night many people congregated in a nice Village bar for a reading/film screening/calamari eating/gin drinking occasion. My author was wonderful (she should have been a performance artist) and the party didn't wrap up until 1.

It is difficult to say entirely what transpired in between the beginning and the end, but suffice it to say for some reason unknown to myself or anyone else for that matter I left the bartender a $59.11 tip (the bill was over $400 for the party). On my credit card. And the change didn't add up to an even dollar value or anything. I can only hope that if that bartender reads this he will accept my most sincere apologies.

For those of you who miss New York (or think you do): at the end of the evening I splurged and took a cab home. The cab bill came to $21.50. I gave the cabby $30. "Thank you," he said. I waited. I waited. I waited. Finally I said, "Can I have some change, please?" and he said, "Oh. You want CHANGE?" like I was being unreasonable. Such cheek.


angelle said...

dork. u are supposed to ask for how much change you want back.

but i never know what is proper to tip in these situations.

Jill Myles said...

In Ontario, apparently the sales tax is around 15%, so my husband (who hails from those snowy parts) said he always matched sales tax. Now that he's in Texas, our sales tax is a little over 8%, so we just double-and-round-up.

It seems to work well enough. But yeah, a cabbie with a $9 tip? Ridiculous. I probably would have been shamed into leaving him all the change (which is probably what he expected).

But I am a chicken and am terrified of confrontation. :)

moonrat said...

yeah, ballpark amount i think i was about right with the tip (i doubled the tax). but why the heck didn't i just leave $60?!?!?!?


The Writers' Group said...

Wait, you paid for the party? Not the author, not the publisher? You will be reimbursed by the publisher, correct? Glad it was a fun night. I can't wait to be invited to one -- someday, right?