Wednesday, October 31, 2007

google searches that have brought people to Editorial Ass recently

have all gotten too dirty for me to put up here in good faith. To give you a taster, one involves a gerbil, one involves 10+ inch stilletos, and one involves a happy endings massage parlor.

All involve asses. Should I change my blog name? Does it deter readers with refined sensibilities? See, my sensibilities are SO unrefined that I can't even tell.


Anonymous said...

I did raise an eyebrow at the blog title. But only one.

What brings me back again and again is the content. Amusing and informative.

Have you tried coming up with a better BT?

angelle said...

no! don't change it! it takes away the whole spirit of the thing.

don't even get me started on the searches that bring ppl to MY blog. that's what i get for having "poop" in my title i guess.

Josephine Damian said...

Bernita used the word "porn" in a blog post and got 20,000 hits in one day!

JA Konrath works in phrases like "a three-way with Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones" just to bring more hits to his blog. Naughty boy.

I too am starting to use popular key words that'll bring those errant googlers my way.

You never know who'll become a blog fan/repeat visitor. I posted a short story I wrote on my blog, and some guy with the same name as my character who was googling himself (sounds kinky), found my blog - then found my myspace and sent me a message. He said he enjoyed reading the rest of my stuff as well as the story "about him." lol

So I vote for keeping the Ass name. Unless of course, people start posting porn stuff as content, then you might have to consider "approving" comments.

Froog said...

Oh, I think you knew perfectly well what you were doing with the whole 'Ass' thing.

And so what if you get a few hundred disappointed perverts trudging through everyday looking for the pictures?

Your regular readers all seem remarkably unpervy. Seem....

I have tried the exotic/naughty keywords trick on my blog, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect. I was for a while the top Google search return for "panda abductions". I also once through in a line about orgies at Zhongnanhai (the residential park in central Beijing where all the Communist leaders live - so, a bit like saying 'Camp David sex romps'....ugh!!), but that didn't seem to bring me any new readers either. (Note: The Zhongnanhai reference was actually a joke about the extravagant use of hair tonic there - those guys just refuse ever to go bald or grey! Hu Jintao is well into his 60s, but still has a thick mane of glossy black hair.)

Froog said...

'Through' for 'threw' - ouch! I haven't had enough sleep. I need a copy-editor!!

Colorado Writer said...

Adding you to my blog roll killed my G rating, but I don't mind.

Bernita said...

Not THAT many , Josephine!
But it continues to be a best-seller, with "bathtub sex" a close second.

Hits of that type don't mean squat, I want the people who will stay around.