Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Calling Unpublished Authors!!!

Thanks, Ello, for the heads-up here--

Amazon and Borders are each taking submissions of unpublished English language manuscripts in searches to publish undiscovered authors. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel prize is $25,000 and includes a publishing contract with Penguin, while the Borders prize is in cooperation with Court TV and Simon & Schuster and is looking for the Next Great Crime Novel.

Ello makes a lot of interesting points esp. re: the Sobel prize etc so instead of retyping them I'm just directing you, again, to her blog.


David L. McAfee said...


Kristin said...

I think it is odd that these two organizations are turning what happens every day behind the scenes into a huge prize-winning event. Unpublished authors everywhere have been mailing and emailing their little hearts out to get an agent's or editor's notice.

To me, both of these contests make it appear as if there are just no good authors or books out there anymore...and that they must compensate for that by finding 'the next big thing.' Are agents and editors so incompetent that they can't find these writers and their books on their own?

I don't know. Something about contests like this rub me the wrong way.

As for the Amazon one, are they looking for something literary or commercial? There didn't seem to be any guidance on this. And I think it is rather unfair to put a commercial novel in competition with a literary one. How do you determine which is the better book when the standards of each will be so different??

Bernita said...

Think the contest is more about attracting readers than finding writers - which is a Very Good Thing for us all.

Froog said...

Rats! So, I've got to write something in a month?

I think I could just about do it..... if I didn't have THE JOB to worry about as well. Damn!

Are these going to become an annual fixture, do you think? Maybe I should be aiming for November next year....