Thursday, September 20, 2007

this stolen from Gawker

Re: Jake Gyllenhaal

Long long ago, in a city far far away, Jake Gyllenhaal attended Columbia University, alma mater of embittered, antisocial people who don't fit in anywhere else but have been working on their problems in therapy twice a week and feel they've made some improvements. Having only been in City Slickers at the time, Jake was by far the lamest celebrity to attend Columbia, as his fame was eclipsed by TGIF luminaries Rider Strong and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman's daughter.

[Please find funny whichever portion appeals to you most.]


angelle said...


oh poor actors who try to pretend like they're smart. just kidding. i respect actors who go to college and study and stuff. like natalie portman, didn't she go to stanford? and then there's my beloved wentworth miller... who went to princeton and who i am going to marry one day (although he doesn't know it yet).

also, his mother apparently went to barnard. so i guess they're legacy. did maggie go to columbia too?

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Gawker is dumb.