Monday, September 24, 2007

taking a breather

So, some random thoughts for you--

First, I was touched by how many people responded (and personally) to my recent post about writing. This might sound dumb but it honestly energized me and made me want to get back on the horse. Not that I really have time for horseback riding right now. But who has time for anything, really. So thank you.

Second, I am SO EXCITED about one of my authors that (even though I can't tell you who she is!) I have to gush here. She's been all over everything and we've been selling rights right and left. She's going to be a star--and really, really soon. I'm so proud because I really had to fight Robert to acquire this book and now it turns out I was right. It's really special to watch something like this build from the ground up.

I am filled with love for everyone. Love!

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cyn said...

yay for love love love!