Friday, September 14, 2007


A fellow editor, who shall not be named, went on vacation earlier this week. He left on my desk for me a CD that says "old index" on it with a post-it that says, "Moonrat--thanks for helping out with the art book!"

I knew NOTHING about this project (or the fact that it is due to the printer next Friday!!) but my designer was kind enough to ring me and give me some details. All I'm responsible for is copy editing and proofing the backmatter. And drafting captions for 60 unlabeled images. And making sure all the credits are in order for all those images (what are the odds?). And GENERATING A NEW INDEX.

Thanks, honey. And we both know this isn't the first time I bailed your ass out.

OH. AND. Catalog copy is due--we got first proofs today. *Someone* forgot to write about two of their books, knowingly left a third book to me to "help out with," and chose not come up with reading lines or author bios for some of his titles. And then went on vacation.

Hello, Wikipedia!

EVERYONE else has left work already, because it's a beautiful day and they all have things to do.

It's ok. I'm much more productive when no one else is here. Also, I can blog with impunity.

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