Friday, September 07, 2007

Persian dinner

Space Alien and I have survived out Persian food celebration of life. Oh my goodness. Everyone in the world (or at least the greater New York area) MUST go to this restaurant: Ravagh at 30th between 5th and Madison. Pretty layout, nice bathroom, super friendly service, all at incredibly affordable prices. By the way, have I mentioned it was THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD?!

Mast-o-khiar (yogurt and cucumbers): a cold dip with mint. Perfect for spreading on pita and eating with fresh radish.

Chicken kebob: done royal. They gave us the most mammoth chicken that ever squawked.

Served with zereshk: that's barberry rice with currants and saffron.

Khoresh kesenjan: perhaps the best thing in the entire world that was ever eaten. The picture isn't super attractive, I know, but the waiter (who was extremely friendly) told us that he once ran a commercial on TV--one 60-second commercial--and featured this dish, and that evening there was a two block line outside the restaurant. It's chunks of chicken stewed in a very thick "broth" of crushed walnuts and pomegranates. The chicken is SO tender it falls apart with a spoon. This would convert a vegan. Oh my God.

Persian tea in a little glass.

They have an amazing dessert list, too, but we were too full (anyone who knows me knows how weird that sounds... I just couldn't fit dessert!! I couldn't stop with the walnuts and pomegranates etc).

I want to move to Iran SO bad right now.


Rose said...

Oh yum. Perhaps another visit is in order.

angelle said...

why must you torture me so???

okay, we must go. and like. soon.