Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New York Times bestsellers

Good news for authors and agents--the New York Times is extending its printed list to 20 titles per category (up from 15), and is breaking mass market and trade paperback fiction into two separate lists. This makes you approximately 33% more likely to make a printed bestseller list ;) More complete article here.

Best news, of course, is for authors with bestseller clauses in their contracts. (Little industry secret unveiled.) It's really good for everyone, however, editors included, because now it is marginally easier to be able to call your book a New York Times bestseller in good faith (it can be especially frustrating that the top spots are generally occupied by some immortal beloveds like THE DA VINCI CODE or KITE RUNNER--this gives the rest of us more of a shot to fight over the scrapings).

Especially especially good for commercial nonfiction writers, who know how very many diverse titles have been competing for the same tiny list. I feel your ongoing frustration, my loves, and I rejoice with you.


David L. McAfee said...

Hey...that IS good news.

Now if I can only get my book published... :)

angelle said...

yay! this is awesome!