Friday, September 28, 2007


According to wikipedia, although "many primates exhibit kissing behavior," there are many cultures that do not traditionally kiss as a sign of affection.

Where are these cultures?! And why?!

Scientific embellishment of above shock/confusion: in an argument for my ethnocentricity, scientists have proven that a woman selects whether or not she is attracted to her mate based, in part, on pheromones. She is more attracted to men with pheromones as different from hers as possible, since that match has the highest potential to produce offspring with diversely resiliant immune systems. Pheromones are in fact what many women describe as "chemistry" (when in fact they mean "biodiversity"). And what better way to test someone's pheromone compatibility than make out with them?!


Cheryl said...

It's weird, but I've heard that in some cultures kissing is regarded as absolutely disgusting. What do these people do instead then??

x@y said...

I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it, but now you say it I can't think of many.

The only people who spring to mind are Eskimos. As a child I was always told of how they rubbed noses and then we would give it a try with one parent or other. It always made me laugh, still makes me smile to think of it.

As a 'grown-up' I must say in the right circs a little Eskimo kissing can be very tender.

Precie said...

I haven't verified this, but here's more.

And...I just have to say..."premastication"...ewwwww.


moonrat said...

hmm, that link is interesting.

the reason i even posted about this in the first place was i was vetting a ms this morning and the story takes place in "indian territory." the author writes that the Cherokee cast members never kiss, since adults in their culture do not engage in that behavior. then i started looking stuff up (as one does) and wikipedia said burmese do not kiss, either.

Anonymous said...

take a look at the malayan trilogy by anthony burgess. the policeman (a malay muslim) is unable to convince his wife to try the "erotic novelty" he's recently discovered watching american movies.

moonrat said...

hahaha that's awesome. erotic novelty. i think we should all make it less novel.

Maprilynne said...

Making out. Yesssss!!!!

Erotic Novelty? *Snort*