Wednesday, September 12, 2007

an example of an awesome cover

Jeff Talarigo's THE PEARL DIVER

Sorry to those of you who already read about this in thebookbook, but the topic of cover art is hot on my mind right now (perhaps you can guess how I spent this morning, as well as yesterday? and probably tomorrow?).

I'm not sure if pain an heartache went into this cover image, but I actually bought this book because I loved the cover so much. Turned out the book rocked. So all worked out well. But I think this is an example of a visually pleasing (if slightly provocative) image that complements content nicely. Go, team!

Interestingly, conventional wisdom has it (or at least HAD it until the late 90s) that green books always fail. Green is my absolute favorite color. I think the KIND of green is very relevant (I HATE electric green and would never want a bright bright green book to blemish my bookshelf! I have a couple of examples but they feel to mean to post here).

So second poll of the day--do you own any green books? Did you buy them in spite of the cover, or because of it?

And third poll of the day--do you have a favorite book cover? I'd love to post up some reader samples. Angelle has already turned us onto The Book Design Review, which is super cool, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Maprilynne said...

Oh, Moonrat, surely with all your obsessing you own HP and the Half-Blood Prince. Yanno, the one with the green cover. I own it, and i definitely bought it despite it's cover.

David L. McAfee said...

I LOVE green! It's my favorite color, too. Like you, not big on Electric Green, but most other shades are A-OK.

I'm sure I have a green cover somewhere, but off the top of my head I can only think of the HP example that Maprilynne brought up.

Wait...wait.... Germ, by Robert Liparulo. That's green! It's an awesome cover, too, imo.

There is no way I could pick a favorite cover. There are far too many good ones.

moonrat said...

i love the Half-Blood Prince cover--i find that shade of green very soothing. i'm personally not a huge fan of yellow--it took me a lot of acclimating to accept the Deathly Hallows cover. hmm.

angelle said...

i happen to like the color blue for a cover. like a soothing lightish blue. i know. boring. but asleep and lovely bones both have blue covers and i was drawn to them for that very reason.

The Writers' Group said...

A recent and favorite book cover is Jonis Agee's The River Wife. Absolutely gorgeous and it's green. I also love The Blood of Flowers cover art. So lush. My absolute favorite book of all time is Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, but I don't adore the cover; I'm in the minority on that, I think. Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott is beautiful. And I adore the minimalist art of The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Do you know if there's an annual award ceremony for cover artists? I wish there were.


Kaytie M. Lee said...

I counted fifteen green books in my library of about 500 titles. The greens ranged from minty and soothing to the bright green of a fake lawn.

Eight of the fifteen were hardback.

I could list them but that seems silly, unless you want me to.

I have a preference towards books with black and white photography for their covers, but I'll bet it's because I like black and white photography for itself.

Favorite covers? It's too hard to be choosy when I haven't eaten yet today. :/

Stuart said...

I'm currently re-reading Finn Mac Cool by Morgan Llywellyn (hardback). It's Irish green. :)

In my opinion, natural colors make for the best covers, at least in terms of how they look on my book shelf. I hate bright colored spines.

Rose said...

I always refuse to buy any book that is neon green or electric pink. Actually, I refuse to buy most pink covers. I'm not sure that I actually own a single pink book.

And, it should be noted, I failed Moonrat's "Are you a prep" quiz miserably. But I still refuse to buy those books.

moonrat said...

by the way, Amy, thanks to your comment I just bought 4 books on Amazon. Fabulous. ;)

moonrat said...

and rose is LYING about the "are you preppy?" quiz btw