Monday, September 17, 2007

"The Dragon Is Gone"

Robert Jordan has passed away. I...can't even express how sad this makes me, because people would think I was being sarcastic. As I'm sure you already know if you were a fan, he had been fighting off a rare blood disorder for the past year.

I definitely wore a single braid to school everyday from sixth through tenth grade because it was Mr. Jordan who revealed to me the truth of my secret alter-identity. (Power-weilding fantasy warrior priestess, of course.) He helped me understand what I look for in a good read and really actually changed the way I approached reading, writing, plot-spinning, and world-building.

And yes, to be crass, it is true and rather relevant--the twelfth and final installment in THE WHEEL OF TIME series will never be written.

I stole my title from the Galleycat article.

Note: his blog is getting so much traffic right now it is almost impossible to load the official announcement. If anyone gets it and wants to forward the text...


Maprilynne said...

It is sad. I put up a tribute on my blog today too.

However, the word on the street even before he died was that the book was already part-way finished and that if anything happened, his wife would finish it the way he wanted it finished. So I wouldn't kiss A Memory of Light goodbye just yet.:)

moonrat said...

I heard a rumor (ok, it was from my dad, who's an even bigger nerd, erm, fan than i am) that he had dictated the last book to his brother/cousin (whatever kind of title that is) although i would rather harriet finished it.

Bernita said...

I hope so, Maprilynne. The sprawl annoyed me, and I am not a "fan," but I like the main set of chatacters.

angelle said...

for once i have no idea who you are talking about.

okay where is that scathing post?!