Wednesday, September 05, 2007

day in the life of an editor

8:30-9:03: check + reply to email. Banter with pre-coffee wittiness to sister editor at overseas subsidiary.

9:04: spill coffee on new green dress. Alas.

9:05-9:09: realize earlier witty banter is riddled with grammatical errors. Reaffirm biological need for coffee.

9:10-9:29: finish opening emails. Perhaps I will read them or even (oh blind ambition!) reply to them later.

9:30: post in blog.

Tentative plans for the rest of the day:

9:40-11:30: meeting with author to hash out dynamics of lead Fal 08 title. We need to pick a title as well as rejigger some information. Luckily this is my favorite book in the world I've ever bought and I'm really excited to be working on it today, even though it's the middle of list close and catalog copy deadlines (never mind a bunch of transmittal deadlines. WHERE ARE MY INTERNS?! Damn this period between semesters.).

11:30-12:30: quick lunch with lovely author. Perhaps more coffee. Oh yes.

12:30-2:30: crazy writing of catalog copy. This will include mad reading of a 500-page novel I only just inherited and now own (I have to come up with a new title--fantastic. No pressure.). 12 titles this season. I'm not sure how that happened. A couple of weeks ago I had only 3.

2:30-3:00: marketing meeting.

3:00-4:00: book fair planning session.

4:00-6:00: cobbling together last-minute edits on overdue Winter 08 title that has been positively riddled with grief from the onset.

6:00-wee hours: industry function. Fortunately this at a bar.


Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Sounds fantastic.

Action-packed and all.

angelle said...

i don't see "sushi" anywhere in the list.

moonrat said...

today was "indian"

Alex P said...

That sounds like a pretty decent day to me. Beat mine, which involved meetings, meeting s and then soem arsey meetings.

My lunch was Italian. Fascinating I know.

gemellen said...

i'm in the wrong profession, yo.