Tuesday, September 18, 2007

big day ahead

Things to do:

-editorial conference call
-Spring list pricing meeting
-haggle with UK agency over North American rights to a history book we THOUGHT we were very excited to have on our Spring list but now look like we might not be able to publish
-edit/rewrite catalog copy
-proofread scan of blasted art book left for me by fellow editor
-make the index for blasted art book
-track down photo permissions for blasted art book (I think these are on his computer somewhere, but he literally has 42 different applications open on his desktop and I feel dirty going through them)
-finish up tear-sheets for this one revision manuscript that needs to be mailed out to the printer in China by the end of the day tomorrow
-editorial memo for one manuscript (this might slip to tomorrow, it seems)
-chat with my designer on the phone for at least 43 minutes in probably three different conversations over the course of the day (it keeps him happy to tell me stories, and when he's happy he's much more productive, and besides, when he's chatting to me I don't really have to listen, and I can do things like, for example, write this blog post)

I'm the only editor today, alas, too. Ok. Nose down.

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