Friday, September 14, 2007

awesome weekend in Brooklyn!!

Sorry about my absence, my pretties. I was in Brooklyn all morning speaking at a writing group about how to a) work in the publishing industry, and b) build your platform for getting published. It was really cool. Lots of bright and creative people.

Tonight, Brooklyn again! For a gallery opening. And then Sunday I am hanging out at the Brooklyn Book Festival ALL DAY--I am SO excited and hope everyone who's in the near vicinity is coming.

Woohoo Brooklyn!! (Let me take this moment to state I am the only New York book editor in the history of the world that DOESN'T live in Brooklyn. But I am gradually developing a deep affection for that borough, although Queens of course is my one true love.)


angelle said...

i HEART brooklyn. so very much. i'm super excited about this weekend.

angelle said...

p.s. oko oko oko oko oko oko