Thursday, September 13, 2007

another invitation to join The Book Book

Hi again all my lovelies,

If you are among my lovely new readership, please do check out The Book Book, a (very low commitment!) group reading log/virtual book club. Basically, you just write about what you read--which I know a lot of you do, anyway. The reviews are beginning to stockpile, so hopefully someday soon they will flower into a wonderful searchable collection of opinions.

The more we have on The Book Book the merrier, so please just drop me an email if you'd like to join.

To those of you who have had to read this a bajillion times (or have already joined), apologies.

Loves and kisses,



Jill Myles said...

Do you want genre stuff or just mainstream fiction? Because I read a lot, but admittedly, what I read is crap. ;) I love crap. I write crap. I'm very happy with crap. :)

I think the last 'mainstream' book I read was THE LOVELY BONES or THE RED TENT (both of which were good, but did not blow my mind). Hm. I like Philippa Gregory, though I have to be in the mood to buy her stuff.


It occurs to me that I should expand my reading horizons, perhaps. *g*

jalexissmith said...

Do casebooks count?