Tuesday, September 04, 2007

4 pm food craving

moonrat: pho pho pho
pho pho pho
angelle: you sound like a vietnamese santa claus


writtenwyrdd said...

I miss living in a town where I can have really good foreign food. Vietnamese and Thai food *sigh*

moonrat said...

mmm and filipino and peruvian and malaysian and ethiopian and tibetan and columbian and sonoran and indonesian and turkish and persian. nummm.

sorry. i know what it's like where you are. in my hometown we had a pizza place and a "chinese" place (it was a sit-down...who sits down for chinese food?).

Jill Myles said...

I ordered Chinese here in Fort Worth (Texas, woo!) and my lo mein had spaghetti noodles.

My chow mein was hot cole slaw.

Why, God, why? Why must you torment me with awful chinese food?

No one here in Texas knows how to make Chinese. Sigh.

PS - I am pimping you on my blog and sending you readers.

moonrat said...

awesome. you rock.

angelle said...

hey, nothing wrong with sit-down chinese!!! as long as it's... well.. chinese. and not some crap dripping in msg and cornstarch masquerading as such.

and p.s. careful careful!

writtenwyrdd said...

I made chile rellenos and people looked at me like I was sprouting antennae from my head when I got all excited about scoring the peppers for it.

The best food in town is the truck stop. There are two nicer restaurants, but I rarely go there because the wait for dinner is over an hour. And it's like your average NYC or SF restaurant good, not fantastic. Jealous, that's me!