Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Reads: More Fun News!

I never tire of these surveys of readers and what percent reads what kind of book and how many. So some more random statistics, courtesy of The Guardian via PubLunch (try not to mind the inflammatory title too much, since this is, after all, a fine British paper we're dealing with).

But some choice tidbits that PubLunch and I both choose to cite:

-about 25% of Americans surveyed are non-readers (or did not read a book last year)
-women read more than men in every subject except history and biography
-median books read per year: women: 9; men: 5
-most books read are either religious interest or popular fiction
-22% of liberals are non-readers (liberals average 9 books a year)
-34% of conservatives are non-readers (muwahaha) (conservatives average 8 books a year)
-moderates read the least of everyone (5 books a year). Sorry, Aristotle.

Fascinating. Hit me with more!

(Another caveat: The Guardian wasn't exactly forthcoming re: the demographics of the survey. So these statistics are no less "damned lies" than any other statistics. Thank you Samuel Clemens.)


angelle said...

the moderates are probably like, "should i read this? or this? i mean both seem like they have good sides and downsides. i mean i don't know. everyone has their preferences. i can see the merit to both books. aw hell, forget it, i'm not going to read anything."

wait, i'm thinking of religious moderates.

and i suppose i could very well be talking about myself, EXCEPT THAT I'VE READ 21 BOOKS THIS YEAR! so far. soon to be 30.

Nicole Kelly said...

I would love to see a more detailed breakdown by genre. I was just talking with my S.O. about whether or not women read speculative fiction. I claim that probably half of the readers of that genre are women (especially since the whole urban fantasy explosion).

moonrat said...

i'm sure spec fic readers are more than 50% female. i'm downright positive. i don't have numbers to back me up, but i know i've read somewhere that men are buying almost nothing these days but nonfiction and mystery/thrillers of a certain ilk.

Nicole Kelly said...

On the reader note, I was at a conference last month, and a panel of editors were talking about the need for a female protagonist in thriller books. Word has it that is your protagonist isn't a woman, then there better be a strong female character backing the protagonist. I always thought of that whole genre as a "Nero Wolfe" or "James Bond" kind place. It made me really think about where the publishing industry is headed (or perhaps my misconceptions thereof).

writtenwyrdd said...

What does that make someone like me who reads, at a minimum, fifty books a year, and usually over a hundred?

moonrat said...

skewing the average, my friend.

Bernita said...

Hmm...foreign rights suddenly look a lot more important.